The siding on your home is an often forgotten aspect of an exterior, probably because it’s designed to last for many years and requires little maintenance. But it can completely change the look (and function!) of your home.

When it’s time to do some home remodeling and install new siding, you’ll want to make your decision very carefully. It’s a great opportunity to transform the exterior of your home and get the dream home you’ve always wanted. Not to mention finding the option that’s going to last the longest without much maintenance.

Check out this guide before replacing old siding to get some inspiration and to make sure you’ve looked at all the angles before making your final decision!

1. Try a New Take on Traditional

The first thing most people notice when they see a home is the house siding colors. That choice alone arguably has the biggest impact on the overall look of the home. It’s your chance to make a statement or change the style of your home completely.

A huge trend in exterior design is taking traditional color choices and making them a little bolder for a fresh look.

Some homeowners are taking the grey we’ve seen on homes for decades and making it much darker for a bold, standout home. Others are going more simple with white siding but making everything monochromatic with matching trim for a very modern spin. The color of your siding is a fun way to introduce more personality to your design.

2. Choose a More Resilient Option

Obviously, when you’re investing in installing new siding you want it to last as long as possible. It would be incredibly frustrating to make this major purchase only to see signs of breakdown and rot just a few years later. This is the opportunity to choose a high-quality material that’s going to withstand all the weather throws at it.

Luckily, there are many types of siding designed with these thoughts in mind. James Hardie siding is a popular choice that’s built to not only last but look great for its entire lifetime as well.

3. Add Some Interest with Details

For many years, siding was installed only in the traditional way of long rows along the length of the home. It can be fun to bring a little more interest into the exterior of your home.

This can be done by creating a focal point with a board and baton finish, which is an extra trim detail that can enhance the look of the siding. Or you could design another type of  unique trim detail that’s worked into your siding installation. The little bit of extra emphasis will take your exterior to the next level.

4. Incorporate New Windows

Any home remodeling project requires a big mess. There’s always a stage where things are torn apart, and it looks like it’s much worse than where you started.

While this stage can feel overwhelming, it can also be a great time to add additional steps to the project since you already have a mess. This is why it’s a great idea to incorporate adding new windows to your home while installing new siding. Whether that be completely new additions or just switching out existing frames, it’s the perfect time for this job.

Siding and windows work together to create the overall look of your home’s exterior. They are completely connected, and replacing them at the same time will make it feel like you have a completely new home! Not to mention the boost in property value!

5. Mix Exterior Materials

As you look at a home’s exterior the main focal point is going to be the siding as it takes up the most visual space. Installing new siding is a good opportunity to boost the impact of your exterior by introducing other materials as well.

Things like metal or stone in accent places can bring another element to the design and add more interest.

Those additions make the siding stand out more by creating that contrast that is so crucial in all types of design. And it can be fun to figure out where you can add those and make your home more personal to you.

6. Use a Different Siding Style

If adding in another material type isn’t your style, you can also choose a different siding style to bring the interest you’re looking for.

There are several different types of siding styles that range from a traditional wood-looking plank to a more shingle look. Some options also come in a style that has a vertical installation, like shiplap, which can be very interesting!

7. Play Off the Front Door

Sometimes choosing a bold siding color or unique design element can feel like too big of a commitment for such an investment. But you can still add some fun and personality by adding a fun front door! This can be done with either the style or color depending on the exact look you’re going for.

The key is to have a siding that can be a solid base that always looks good. This way you are free to change up your door or other smaller design elements whenever you feel like it without worrying about clashing.

Home Remodeling Ideas for Installing New Siding

When searching for home remodeling ideas, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional. They’ll be able to give you advice on how to best execute your home remodeling project so it not only looks fantastic but also will last as long as possible.

Installing those final choices is also best left to the pros as well. The level of skin and detail they bring to a project is unmatched. Landmark Roofing will bring your vision to life in a way you can be proud of.

We have a team just like that, with all the expertise you need. If you’re interested in seeing what our team can do for you, contact us today!

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