Customer Spotlights

“I asked around who was a good roofer. Landmark’s name came up many times. They were priced fairly, they are local and live in the community, and they also give back to the community.” –  Rochelle

“Landmark has given back so much to the community and we wanted to go with someone who gives back.” –  Doctor Gersh

“We had some storm damage on our roof from this summer and so we knew we had to address it. We called a couple of our friends and Landmark was recommended 3 or 4 times from people in the community. ” – Pete

“How you helped with navigating the insurance claim process made all the difference in the world. I felt hopeless until you guys really started helping out so I appreciate that a ton” –  Shawn

“We’ve used Landmark for a couple small projects – a window project and a shutter project. So when we had a tree fall on the back of our house, Landmark was the company to call.” – Debbie


Virginia Fingland was chosen as the recipient of the 2021 Landmark Roofing Roof Giveaway. Virginia was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2020, causing her to face a number of challenges and uncertainty. Our team gifted her new windows and siding as a reminder that she is supported by both our team and the entire community.

“Landmark really exceeded my expectations. My property was sparkling clean. Installation was amazing. I was very impressed and I would highly recommend them. My new roof looks stunning – it’s like having a good moisturizer for your skin.” – Toni

“Our experience was phenomenal. Our house looks like night and day from what it was to now. I can’t say enough nice things about Landmark. This is probably the first time I felt comfortable enough that I never had to even walk outside. I knew I was in good hands with Landmark.” – Regan & Kevin

“I was considering calling the insurance company but instead I called Landmark just to have them come out, take a look and see what they could tell me. They encouraged me to contact the insurance company, which I did. And then they pretty much took over the process – they came out and met the adjuster and handled all communication. It was a very easy process. It was amazing!” – Dana