New siding can improve the value and curb appeal of a home. Exterior residential siding comes in three main types: vinyl siding, fiber cement siding and wood siding. Our helpful local staff can provide current siding samples and brochures from leading siding manufacturers to help guide you in your decision-making process.

James Hardie Siding

Landmark Roofing has earned the James Hardie “Elite Preferred Contractor” status level in the James Hardie Contractor Alliance Program. This award is based on excellent performance results and customer satisfaction with the Landmark’s installation of James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding products. You can trust Landmark Roofing for all your roofing AND SIDING needs!
Enjoy the look you love, now and for years to come.

As you get further into your journey, you’ll discover the importance of style that endures.

Timeless beauty begins with the finish.

Siding and finish choices represent a major investment. Research which products will keep their good looks over time.

Select superior siding — it’s the easiest decision along the way.

Your home should be your rock. James Hardie designs superior strength into every fiber cement board to resist swelling,

buckling, warping and splitting, despite what nature brings.

James Hardie siding provides authentic design that vinyl siding can’t match.

Our products are 5x thicker than vinyl siding, providing deeper shadow lines and a warmer wood grain texture with seams that are less visible.

James Hardie Completed Projects

Landmark Roofing Private Label

Whether it’s homeowners, builders, remodelers or installers, the demand for siding that’s a cinch to work with and install while setting durability and design standards is real. From breadth of products to industry-leading performance to sales support, Royal® Building Products connects pros and homeowners to exteriors like no other company.

Craneboard® Solid Core Siding®

Here is beautiful proof that you don’t have to surrender authentic cedar-grain presence for low maintenance and innovative thermal resistance technology. You can have all of it. CraneBoard® Solid Core Insulated Siding® bridges the gap between an exterior that projects “just good enough” and “flawless.”

Portsmouth™ Shake & Shingles

Portsmouth™ Shake & Shingles Siding brings coastal warmth and durable low-maintenance qualities to your exterior in equal measure. Its character can be expressed in a multitude of ways, including color, texture and styles that include Cedar, Classic Coastal, Hand-Split Shake and Half Round.

Premium Point®

When you’re considering siding and all of its practical pluses, like low maintenance and wind resistance, remember not to overlook depth of character. Our Premium Pointe®Siding—with its tasteful textures and handsome hues—will remind you how compelling your exterior can be when it fulfills its curb appeal potential. 

Exterior Portfolio Board & Batten

The charm and dimension of rustic cedar grain make themselves apparent with a refreshing change of pace. Board & Batten Siding displays its curb appeal as a main feature or accompaniment to a variety of siding styles—combining a deep, rich color range with no-worry maintenance characteristics.

Market Square®

With its woodlike appearance and range of widths and colors, the aesthetics of Market Square® Siding lend home exteriors an unmistakable “put together” look. Combined with strong wind load performance, high durability and low maintenance, it’s as easy to live with as it is to look at.


Parkview™ Siding is proof that the exterior you’re imagining exists—where you can have a cedar grain finish in a choice of rich, complementary shades, strength in all weather conditions, little-to-no maintenance and virtually seamless silhouettes that flow uninterrupted.

Siding Styles

Color Options

White, Cream, Gray, Blue, Red, Green, Brown, Weathered

Exterior Portfolio Projects