Childhood friends grow up to form thriving business…That’s the story with Rob and Artie, encouraged by friends, colleagues and family along the way. Owning a business was always a goal of Rob’s, since starting to help as a teen in his dad’s remodeling business. Rob and Artie met in middle school, both sons of hard working Annapolis families.  After college and other career choices, people told them they should work together, so they formed Landmark Roofing, combining Artie’s building and drawing expertise with Rob’s sales and management experience. Now Rob feels pride when their customers are completely satisfied and willing to refer their friends to Landmark. He truly values his role as a mentor – helping Landmark’s employees to improve their skills and supporting their personal and professional development. He loves spending his free time with his wife and little girl or playing golf. Who knows? One day she might go into her dad’s business.


Owner & President of Sales