Dangers of Delaying a Roof Replacement

Have you seen the signs that your residential property’s roof needs to be replaced? Are you trying to put it off as long as possible to avoid the heavy cost? If so, then we’re here to teach you about the dangers of delaying a roof replacement.

All it takes is one large storm or consecutive days of rain to cause detrimental damage to your property. Then, not only are you in need of a roof replacement but thousands of more dollars in damage in and around your home.

See below for several reasons why you should never delay a roof replacement.

1. Additional Damages

Realistically, all it takes is one storm to do a monumental amount of damage to your property. Then, instead of paying for a roof replacement, you’re paying for that and water damage in your home, personal belongings that were damaged/ruined, etc.

Many property owners make the mistake of delaying a roof replacement to “save money”. They’re only delaying the inevitable.

If you aren’t sure of the signs that a roof needs to be replaced, here is a list to help you out:

  • The roof is 25 years or older
  • There is mold, mildew, algae, or moss growing on the roof
  • Numerous shingles are missing
  • Shingles are starting to fall off more frequently
  • Some shingles are noticeably cracked
  • The roof is sagging in certain spots

Granted, you shouldn’t overreact too early. For example, if you see a shingle or two fall off your roof, you shouldn’t automatically assume it needs to be replaced.

Instead, reach out to Landmark Roofing to schedule an initial roof inspection. We’ll take the time to walk the entirety of your roof, assess the damage, then give you honest feedback on what we find. Get your roof replaced before your home and its items are damaged beyond repair.

2. Protect Your Home from Leaks

The longer you hold off on replacing your roof, the more of a toll it will take from the elements. Every time it rains, there will be a higher likelihood that a leak occurs if it hasn’t already.

Water leaks can occur in walls and ceilings without you knowing it. By the time the water damage becomes visible, thousands of dollars in damage have been done.

Don’t be so sure that your home insurance provider will cover the costs. If they have reason to believe you’ve delayed a roof replacement for a while, they will likely refuse to cover the costs. That leaves you on the hook for all the damage that occurs.

Instead, you want to be proactive. All of this stress and financial liability can be avoided by scheduling a roof replacement with Landmark Roofing today.

3. Potential Household Mold Growth

Water leaks aren’t just a hazard to your home, they can also increase the likelihood that you have mold growth inside your home.

Mold, mildew, and algae can grow anywhere that there is stagnant water, such as water puddling in your ceiling. When water gets inside your attic or walls, it increases the humidity and moisture inside those enclosed spaces, thus welcoming the growth of mold.

The stagnant water and mold growth can also cause the wood in your home to begin rotting. Your family will have difficulty breathing as mold spores get into the air supply, which will also take a toll on your HVAC unit, air ducts, etc.

As you can see, the presence of mold can be dire to a household. Roof leaks are the number one way that mold begins to enter the home. The good news? Replace your roof right away, and you have nothing to worry about!

4. Invites Household Pests

Mold isn’t the only unwelcomed feature that loves faulty roofs and stagnant water inside your home. Many pests are searching for a home with water damage.

This includes such pests as:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Snakes
  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Carpenter Ants

The list goes on and on. Once the pests are inside your house, it’s difficult to get them out. Pests are known to have several harmful effects on your home, such as carrying diseases indoors, doing damage to your property, causing allergic reactions, and so much more.

5. It’s a Threat to Your Family’s Safety

Imagine the horror of having the roof collapse while you and your family are inside. The main concern isn’t about the damage it can do to your home and your belongings, the main concern is your family. A roof collapse can cause severe injuries among your family members.

Don’t let that become a reality. Schedule a roofing inspection with Landmark Roofing today to get your roofing needs under control. We’ll let you know whether it needs to be replaced or is just in need of some repairs.

That way, you can have more peace of mind. You can lay your head on your pillow at night, knowing that the roof above your head is protecting you from the elements outside.

Invest in a Roof Replacement for Your Home Today

Don’t let your home succumb to the dangers of a delayed roof repair. Have your roof inspected today by our dedicated team at Landmark Roofing. Call 443-214-2533 or email us today to learn more.


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