The Benefits of Installing Aluminum Gutters

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Gentle rainfall can seem quite benign, relaxing even. Yet even the gentlest showers can wreak havoc on a property when not correctly managed. Just an inch of rainfall will deposit approximately 13,700 gallons of water on a half-acre property! That's a lot of water to channel away from foundations, siding, and landscaping. Here is where the

The Benefits of Lifetime Roof Shingles

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Did you know that on average, roof shingles need to be replaced around every 12 years? Not many homeowners are aware of this, and if they're not replaced, it can cause damage. One way you can get away from having to spend thousands of dollars replacing your roof shingles every few years is by investing in

What Type of Roof Damage Is Eligible for an Insurance Claim?

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Did you know that State Farm paid out over $3.1 billion in hail claims in 2020? More than $10.7 million properties in the US were affected by hail-related damage. Your insurance policy may cover specific weather-related damage like damage due to hail. You might not even be aware that the last storm caused weather damage. Constant storms

How Your Home’s Condition Affects its Resale Value

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How Your Home's Condition Affects its Resale Value When it comes to selling your house, the internet has lots of advice to share with you—too much advice, actually. While one blog emphasizes "improving resale value," another urges you to "sell as-is." So, how are you supposed to know the most cost-effective course of action? The answer's

7 Winter Roof Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

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Did you know that the average temperature in Baltimore in January is around 43°F? That's definitely quite chilly and doesn't match the LA or Florida warm winters! The area often sees rain, snow, and ice, making for a winter of wild weather. If you live in an area that sees weather like Baltimore over the winter months,

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