Roof Financing: How to Finish a Roof Project Without Breaking the Bank

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Planning Your Repair You've been planning that special getaway for months now and nothing is going to get in your way...that is, until your roof springs a leak. There's nothing worse than an unexpected home maintenance expense popping up at exactly the wrong time. And, let's be there ever really a right time for costly home repairs? (I

Need a Siding Check Up? These 6 Signs Say You Do

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Did you know that replacing your exterior siding can increase your home value? Whether you're planning to sell soon or you just want to impress your neighbors, new siding isn't such a bad thing. While you may not always consider siding an important part of your home's exterior, it helps protect your house from the elements, insects, animals,

Roof Damage from a Storm? Call Your Insurance Agent

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Was Your Roof Damaged By A Storm? Severe storms can cause a lot of damage to your property, especially to the roof of your home. If you aren't prepared, you may find yourself dealing with more repairs than you bargained for. This can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars! What steps should you take before

April Showers Bring Water Damage From Roof Leaks

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How to Prevent Damage from Roof Leaks  Spring brings with it the promise of new blooms, but in order to get there, we have to suffer through some rain. Throughout the rainy season, it is important to keep an eye out for signs of a leak. Unfortunately, roof leaks often go undetected until there is

Dangers of Delaying a Roof Replacement

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Dangers of Delaying a Roof Replacement Have you seen the signs that your residential property's roof needs to be replaced? Are you trying to put it off as long as possible to avoid the heavy cost? If so, then we're here to teach you about the dangers of delaying a roof replacement. All it takes

Roof Storm Damage Checklist

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Most roofs are designed to be replaced every 30 years, on average. In an ideal world, this would happen. However, in the real world, there are countless things that can wreck your roof, requiring extensive repairs or an entire replacement long before the three-decade mark. Storm damage is a common reason Americans have to spend

Why the Winter is the Best Time to Replace Your Siding

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We've put together this guide to show you why replacing siding is a job best left for winter, so let's get started! 1. Less Competition = More Flexibility Most people replace the siding on their home during the summer months when the weather is nice. However, unless you live in an area with heavy snow,

2020: A Year In Review

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How Landmark Spent 2020 While we are excited to enter into 2021, we are thankful for the opportunities presented to us this past year. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, we at Landmark Roofing were able to work continuously throughout this crazy and unpredictable year and we have our customers to thank for that. We are

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