Did you know that on average, roof shingles need to be replaced around every 12 years? Not many homeowners are aware of this, and if they’re not replaced, it can cause damage.

One way you can get away from having to spend thousands of dollars replacing your roof shingles every few years is by investing in lifetime roof shingles. The benefit of these shingles is that they have a warranty of over 40 years, making it easy to replace them without spending too much money.

Interesting in learning about the benefits of lifetime roof shingles? Keep reading for more information!

Protection Against Leaks

One of the unknown benefits of using lifetime roof shingles is that they act as barriers against leaks! Many roofs are prone to causing leaks during rainy or snowing seasons which can create so much hassle throughout the house.

Another huge benefit of this roofing material roof is that they are designed with 100% protection against leaks, so you can feel safe knowing your home is protected from unwanted leaks.

Lifetime Roof Shingles… Lifetime Warranty!

Now we mentioned this earlier, but we have to do so again.

A lifetime warranty is arguably one of the best benefits of getting lifetime roof shingles! The roof shingles will need to be replaced every so often, just as with other roofs. However the promise is that you’ll be covered under warranty for up to 50 years.

The amount of protection and duration is dependent on which plan you make. Be sure to talk with one of our consultants or technicians before you make a final decision to learn which is right for you.

Better Ventilation

Do you live somewhere that gets really hot or really cold, really easily? No doubt you’ll need roof shingles that can vent your house to a certain extent so you can stay comfortable during extreme weather.

Lifetime roof shingles come with amazing ventilation that traps heat during cold times and lets out excess heat during summer times. So if you want a more stabilized atmosphere in your house, consider buying roof shingles today!

Highly Customizable

Not only are lifetime roof shingles some of the best roof shingles for practical purposes, but they’re also super stylish too!

These roof shingles can be purchased in a variety of shapes, designs, and colors to fit whatever pattern your house is. You’re free to choose at your own discretion, making it all the more unique to your own home.

Starter Strip Shingles

You can reduce the risk of your shingles getting blown off into the distance during bad weather with starter strips. These strips also make the overall appearance nicer and have an added layer of protection against leaks.

Combined with the already naturally leak-proof shingles, you won’t ever have to worry about leaks in your home! These can also be used as starters to the other shingles, as they make for great adhesives.

Getting Your New Lifetime Roof Shingles

We hope this short guide helped you learn some of the benefits of lifetime roof shingles. If you’re interested in buying some for your home, feel free to visit our contact page to get a quote.

Otherwise, take a look at some of the other information on our blog to learn more!

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