If you’re tired of repainting your house every few years, it might be time to change the game with an updated exterior. New James Hardie siding has plenty of benefits, including improving the resale value of your home.

Old, outdated siding affects more than just your curb appeal. It can put the safety and structural integrity of your home at risk.

Still not convinced? Here are a few more benefits of installing new Hardie siding to your home.

1. Less Maintenance

Paint peels and looks dingy after a few years in the hot sun and weather elements. Even a professional paint job with high-quality paints requires repainting every few years.

A new whole-house paint job can be expensive. Unless you want to commit to hiring a painting contractor to repaint your house every few years, it’s time to consider switching to Hardie siding.

You’ll save money and time when your house no longer requires new paint! Hardie siding can withstand the heat and outdoor elements better than many other exterior surfaces and hold its color longer than any other siding type.

2. Affordability

Installing and replacing siding is often less expensive than other common exterior materials such as brick or wood.

With the added cost-savings from less routine maintenance, you’ll save money throughout the entire lifespan of your home’s siding. Hardie siding also offers a 30-year warranty, ensuring you receive the lifespan you paid for.

3. Durability

In harsh weather conditions, wood exteriors can suffer significant damage. While brick exteriors can withstand plenty of severe weather and extreme conditions, a shift in your home’s foundation can cause cracks and breaks in a brick wall.

Siding can hold up to heat, rain, cold, and impact better than most other building materials. Even with a strong wind that blows debris against your home, siding has the durability and flexibility to absorb it with little visible damage.

Your home’s siding also repels water. Wood absorbs moisture and can become susceptible to mold and rot, whereas wet conditions have little impact on the integrity of your siding. For an all-weather home exterior, siding is your best choice!

4. Easy Installation

You won’t have to deal with a lengthy installation process when you choose siding for your home. A shorter installation timeframe allows you to save on labor costs, creating another money-saving opportunity.

Most siding has an interlocking design that makes quick work for installers. Your professional contractor creates the design layout for your siding installation. Pieces fit together like a puzzle to complete your home’s new exterior.

Siding is light and easy to maneuver, without losing any durability. It’s also easy to cut and form around odd corners or uniquely-shaped areas of your house. Installers can complete the new look for your home within a few days instead of weeks (or longer) when you choose siding.

5. Plenty of Style Options

Design options have come a long way for exterior siding. If a “siding” look has kept you from choosing siding for your home, there’s no need to let that hold you back anymore. We can offer a variety of styles and colors to create your home’s ideal look. Hardie siding is available in a wide variety of colors, but it is also paintable if you have a specific color in mind.

Your home has character! Siding can make sure your house doesn’t blend in with the neighborhood or stand out like a sore thumb. Benefit from the cost savings and almost-maintenance-free durability of siding while creating the look and feel of your home’s exterior with plenty of style options.

6. A Look That Lasts

Quality exterior siding resists fading, warping, and discoloration. Homeowners can trust that the beauty of your siding will last many years beyond the installation day. You won’t need to repaint or touch up your siding to maintain its beauty.

Replacing or repairing a section of siding is simple. In the event of severe damage, your installer can replace the damaged section without reworking an entire wall. Because siding maintains its color, a new replacement piece will blend right in with the rest of the siding.

Is It Time For New Siding? 

How old is your home’s siding? If it’s older than a decade or two, it’s time for an upgrade.

The durability and technology of siding have come a long way since it first hit the scene. If you can’t remember when you had siding installed on your home, or you notice holes, bubbles, or fading, it’s time for new siding.

Enjoy the Benefits of Replacing Siding 

Give your house a facelift by replacing siding! It’s an affordable way to upgrade the look of your home while improving your energy costs for the long haul.

The team at Landmark Roofing specializes in siding installation. Our team can help you create a fresh new look for your home with the best siding materials and installation on the market. Call 443-214-2533 or email us today for a free estimate!