In this episode of Let’s Ask Landmark, owners Artie Hendricks and Rob Calhan answer the question of:
Why Are Roof Prices Different?

You have three different prices for your roof, why are the prices so different?

The first reason is the size of the company. A much smaller company has less overhead, letting them charge lower. A larger company with much more overhead will charge higher.

The second reason is the products being used and the type of warranty that has been presented to the homeowner. Depending on what you are offered in warranties between a 20, 25, or 30-year warranty will also affect the price.

The last reason for the difference in prices is the quality of installation. If the roof installers are sub-par, they are not going to be too expensive to hire.

At Landmark Roofing, we have top of the line installers, and good quality service, all at a fair price. Everything is black and white in our contract. If we run into an issue, the homeowner has everything in writing and knows what they are getting out of the roof replacement.

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