In this episode of Let’s Ask Landmark, owners Artie Hendricks and Rob Calhan answer the question:
What is a Roof Warranty?

A common question that we often get from homeowners is what is involved in a roof warranty?

First, figure out how old your shingles are. Your shingles should fall in between 20 to 30 years of age.

The second step that homeowners should look at is what type of labor/workmanship is attached to the warranty.

The last step homeowners should look at is certification. Make sure that the manufacturer who installed the roof on your house is certified.

Always remember that anyone can purchase roofing products, but if the installation crew does not know the proper way to install the products, the warranty will be voided.

Landmark Roofing has three different warranties that we offer to our customers. All warranties carry a 50 year labor warranty based on material defects.

We offer a workmanship gold package, which is a 25-year GAF labor/workmanship roof warranty. Our silver package is a 10-year GAF labor/workmanship roof warranty. We lastly offer systems plus that is a 5-year labor/workmanship roof warranty.

To sum it up, it’s important when looking for a roofing contractor, you look at the age of your shingles, check to see if the contractor is certified as well as the workmanship/labor that is attached to the warranty.

If you have any questions, contact Landmark Roofing today at 443-214-2533 and we can help you answer any questions that you have about your roofing warranty!

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