Give Your Home a Checkup

One of the keys to staying healthy is a regular checkup. This gives you a baseline to see if there are any major changes in your health.

If one of your labs suddenly changes one year, you will have something to compare it to. This could help you catch medical conditions early which is key to stopping them from causing long-term damage.

Your house is the same way. When you have regular home inspections, you are making sure your house is healthy. This allows you to catch issues early before they become major repairs.

Here are a few home inspection tips to help you keep your house in tip-top shape.

What Do We Inspect?

While there are many issues you, as a homeowner, can keep an eye out for, hiring a professional has many benefits. Think about it in terms of your health, everything may look and feel fine on the outside, but only a doctor can determine the full state of your health below the surface.

At Landmark Roofing, we specialize in roofing, siding, gutters, and windows. When conducting an exterior home inspection, we look for any structural damage or water damage. We will check the condition of your roof and window seals, as well as your siding to see how it is holding up.


Roofs are one of the most neglected areas of a home. It is easy to just assume it is fine if you don’t see any major leaks or missing shingles. However, just like people, roofs age. As people get older, they participate in routine checkups to make sure everything is in working order. You need to do the same for your roof. While a roof won’t last forever, regular inspections could result in an extended lifespan.

To get a complete picture of what’s going on, you’ll need to work with a professional roof inspector. They have the tools and experience needed to see what’s going on beneath the surface and identify areas of concern.

Even better, they’ll be able to put together a complete care and maintenance plan so you can rest assured that your roof will be in good shape for years to come.


When looking at your siding, you may notice a small crack here and there and brush it off. Don’t. Old, outdated siding can put the safety of your home at risk. A small crack might be a minor problem, but without a proper inspection there is no way of knowing. Professionals can determine whether or not the small crack is the result of a much larger problem that has yet to surface.


You may have noticed a spike in your heating and cooling bills, but you can’t figure out why. The source may be your windows. There may be small, unnoticeable gaps that are allowing the air from inside your home to escape. Without the help of a professional, these gaps will grow bigger and your bills will continue to increase. Regular inspections detect these issues before you even know there is an issue to worry about.


Gutters are often the source of many homeowner’s nightmares. Clogged or cracked gutters prevent water from draining properly thus directing the water towards the house. Excess water can lead to roof leaks, mold, and much more. Even if you clean out your gutters regularly, you should still have them looked at by professionals periodically. Professionals will know what types of damage to look for and whether or not an upgrade is recommended.

A Healthy House

You can keep your house healthy by keeping up with regular inspections and maintenance. You can do a mixture of whole-house inspections every few years and individual inspections more regularly.

Either way, your home will stay in better shape and you won’t be hit with repairs that drain your finances in unexpected ways.

We focus on the outside of your house and help it stay in great shape. From the roof to the windows, and from the gutters to doors and siding, we take care of all our customers.

Need someone to come take a look at your roof? Landmark Roofing is on the job. Contact us today to get started!